The first step in any culture change strategy is knowing who we are talking to and who we should be reaching. Audience segmentation is a strategic tool that provides insight into who is with us and who we can reach and persuade.

Segmentation sometimes tempts us to customize a narrative for each audience. But that results in storytelling that is confusing, inauthentic, and inefficient. The true power of segmentation is coalition building. Gender justice has just one narrative, and it is the story platform. We should only be telling stories about the future we want—and plan—to live in. To ensure that our stories reach our audiences, however, we need to know not just what we want to say but who our audiences are and what stories they tell themselves. 

The Story at Scale audience profiles—created from a survey of more than 6,000 people and enriched with cultural and qualitative research—are not about demographics, ideology, or indeed about political issues or gender justice; they are about how our audiences experience gender in their everyday lives. 

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