Here are additional resources for those who would like to start applying the Story at Scale tools to your work and those who want to further explore cultural strategy, narrative strategy, and media impact.

DIY Tools

Here are a couple of links to help get you started in using the Story at Scale tools.

Creative Brief — A creative brief is a blueprint for the production of creative materials such as videos, brochures, websites, visual design, and more. This creative brief template contains samples that you can adapt and use to help you get going with new creative content projects.

Voter File-Based Audience Estimates — Here are crosstabs with state-by-state estimates of the Story at Scale audience segments. These are estimates based on the voter file and shouldn’t be used for micro-targeting, but they are useful in helping you understand who your audience is in different locations. 

Raw Survey Data — Here is a folder with the raw survey data in an R format called RDS. (Read the Release Notes for recommendations on how to use, as well as import, the data.)

Happy Reading

Here are just a few places to start—these explain some of the newer concepts you may be seeing for the first time (like story platforms and cultural audits) as well general readings about the burgeoning practice of cultural and narrative strategy.

A Conversation about Cultural Strategy, Jeff Chang, Liz Manne & Erin Potts, 2018

A Cultural and Narrative Strategies Reading List, Erin Potts & Liz Manne, 2019

Cultural Strategy: An Introduction and Primer, Power California, 2019

How (and why) to do a cultural audit, Erin Potts, 2018

How we win with Story Platforms, Kirk Cheyfitz, 2018

Making Waves: A Guide to Cultural Strategy, The Culture Group, 2014

#PopJustice: Social Justice and the Promise of Pop Culture Strategies, Liz Manne Strategy, 2016

Toward New Gravity Narrative Initiative, 2017

Awesome Organizations

These nonprofit organizations, research groups, and funder collaboratives are among the leading centers of learning and practice for cultural strategy, narrative strategy, and media impact. (Please forgive us for not listing the many exceptional essential women’s, gender, and reproductive rights and justice organizations here; they are too numerous to mention, but see all of Story at Scale’s partners at for a good place to start.)

Cultural Strategy & Media Impact

There are many incredible organizations, agencies, artists, and strategists who center cultural strategy, narrative strategy, and media impact at the heart of their work. Here is a select list of nonprofit cultural strategy and media impact organizations who we think really get culture and gender justice.

Caring Across Generations / National Domestic Workers Alliance
The Center for Cultural Power
Color of Change
Doc Society
The League
Narrative Initiative
Race Forward

Research & Data Institutions

We are pro-data and pro-evaluation! Here is a select list of some of the research and data groups we love who really understand culture, narrative, and media.

Active Voice
ASO Communications
Center for Media and Social Impact, American University
FrameWorks Institute
Harmony Labs
Learning for Action
The Norman Lear Center, USC Annenberg
Topos Partnership

Philanthropy Learning Networks

Here are just a few great funder groups that are diving deep into cultural strategy, narrative strategy, and media impact.

The Culture Change Fund
Executives’ Alliance for Boys and Men of Color
Media Impact Funders
Pop Culture Collaborative

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