To learn more about how the audiences and story platform work together in practice, Story at Scale produced fourteen test videos. We thank the creative, movement, and production partners who joined us in the adventure—in particular, UltraViolet, A Stronger California, joeyngloria, Art Not War, Amber Abundance, and Favianna Rodriguez—as well as the many individual artists, activists, and crew members who brought these stories to life.

We created content that aimed to work for Kids First and For the Win, two “persuadable” audience groups. The goal of the testing was to determine whether content produced using the story platform and the audience research works better than “control” content our testing partners produced using more conventional strategies.

The short answer was “Yes.” The Story at Scale tools resulted in videos that were effective in attracting and affecting persuadable audiences. The details of how and where we tested and what we found appear in the Video Testing report, and you can watch the videos below to see some of the differences in tone and voice that characterize the diverse stories, all grounded in the same story platform.

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